Angel Readings

3 X Angel Cards

Carol mainly uses a variety of Doreen Virture’s Angel Cards to pull 3 cards bringing through the messages that Angels need you to hear. This service is only provided via e-mail. The client can think, verbalise or e-mail one question that they would like the answer to


Full Angel Reading

This is where Carol connects with your Guardian Angel/s, Archangels and Spirit Guides to bring through any messages that the Angels need you to hear.  For this reading it is possible to ask 3 specific questions that you would like answers to.  This reading can be done over the phone, via Skype or via e-mail.  For those who prefer to have a record of their reading then Carol recommends the reading is done via e-mail. Otherwise clients are welcome to take notes during the reading. Carol will also draw 3 Angel cards for the client as part of the reading. This reading lasts for 1 hour; alternatively you can have a half hour reading for £30.

Full Hour Angel Reading £60

Half Hour Angel Reading £30