Testimonials about Angel Readings and Life Coaching

Last year I reached a point in my life where I needed to re think and I needed some guidance. I chanced upon connect to your angel’s fB page and became interested in working with the Angels. I have been supported and guided by Carol along my journey. She has helped me to work and connect to God and the Angels and their support has literally changed and is changing my life. I am still new to connecting with my Angels and I know that Carol will always answer any question I have to help me further. I have had two E-mail Angel Readings and several times have had Angel cards selected. I can’t believe how accurate these have been. Thank you Carol for meditating and connecting to the Angels on my behalf. Anonymous

“Over the past few years I’ve had a number of E-mail Angel readings from Carol. Carol puts so much time and energy into these, and the results are amazing. The readings have been so accurate, and have provided me with the comfort, reassurance, and direction I needed. Carol has willingly expanded on anything I’ve needed clarification on – again dedicating much time and effort to this. Carol is an amazing, inspiring, lovely woman, and her work is testament to this. I know for a fact that I will continue to turn to her and the Angels when I need them in the future. Thank you so much Carol (and the Angels!) for all you’ve done for me, and for helping me in the dark times.  Lots of love – Lizzie Harrison xxx 

“Thank you Carol for a very insightful reading. It was a magical experience and it enlightened me. I found the meditation very relaxing and I learned loads from you about how to improve my health and wellbeing even more.” have a fabulous weekend, Liz xxx

I found Carols website through a Google search. I had had a very emotional year and could not see an end in sight to all the pain and all the tears I had cried. I knew I needed some insight and contacted Carol in the hope that she could see some positive outcomes in the coming months for me. I was hesitant to have a remote reading but decided to take the plunge. Carol sent thorough my reading a few days after my initial request. The email reading has proved very beneficial, as I have been able to revisit my reading many times. I have taken so much comfort from her words and guidance. I have made a few small changes, which are having a very positive outcome for me. I would not hesitate to recommend Carols readings. Love Nicola

Thanks Carol for the angel reading you gave me. I found it really resonated with me and found it a great comfort, especially as found things a little difficult lately. Would definitely recommend you to other people. Thanks again – N Jelly, Nottinghamshire

Carol was recommended by a friend at a time I was going through some difficult stuff at work and with family illness. I’ve had two angel readings now and both have been amazingly accurate! They included specific details about events and feelings that no one could have known about – such as a bar of chocolate I had just had; and photos of my childhood I had been looking at. I am so impressed and grateful, not just for the readings and advice that she was able to get for me, but Carol’s compassion, integrity and values which shine through from initial contact to follow up emails. I have gone on to recommend her to friends and colleagues and have to say if you have come across her site or are considering a reading you’re supposed to do it! She charges much less than I feel she’s worth – and I have to chase her for invoices once she has mailed me the readings!  Cannot speak highly enough of Carol and her work

Alison, Head Teacher, Scotland

“Carol – you are a very special person and your gift to connect with the angels is your true blessing. I felt extremely comfortable during the reading despite never having spoken with you before and your ability to really tune into my energy was pretty amazing. You highlighted some areas of my life that needed particular attention – something you never could have otherwise known had it not been for your connection to the angels. I have now begun to implement the steps you and the angels suggest I take in order to move in the direction I want and need for my healing. Thank you so much – you are a very gifted lady!”

Polly x

Dear Carol,

I would just like to say how grateful I am to you for the Angel Reading session I had with you . It was a wonderful experience, most inspiring, comforting and positive. You have a very special gift and have helped me a lot at a time in my life where things are complicated.

I would just like to say a very big thank you and will come back to see you soon.

With my very best wishes”


I felt very uplifted after my Angel reading with Carol she is a very warm, sensitive and accurate reader.  I will recommend her to my friends and colleagues and I will definitely be using her services again in the very near future.  Thank you so much once again

Anon (West Midlands)

“I think I always believed in angels so I had Carol do an angel reading for me from a fairly clear perspective. The whole experience helped me enormously. There was a lot of old stuff in my life that needed to be dealt with, things I should have addressed many years ago and hadn’t. Carol helped me to focus on the things that I needed to deal with, the outcome of which was hugely positive. If I had to describe the experience I’d call it spring cleaning for my soul. I felt lighter, happier, more contented and uplifted: much more at peace with myself than I have been in years.

Thank you for helping me to find my angels Carol”  

Chris Parker, Tonbridge

“Carol – Thank you for the amazing e-mail reading you did for me. I understand that you have probably been swamped with requests since the opening of your Angel Sanctuary, but you have still managed to find the time to meditate and communicate with the Angels on my behalf. The messages are always encouraging and full of love and remind me of my potential but also show me that I am human and allowed to have weaknesses too! You put things across in such a simple and down to earth way. You are quick to help and slow to charge this fills me with trust and confidence.  I’m filled with so much excitement for the future now and that’s thanks to you xx”

Carol. Worcestershire

“I found my life coaching session extremely helpful in allowing me to focus all my muddled ideas and dreams for the future.
Carol helped me to structure these goals and by putting a time frame on them made them less daunting and actually very achievable. She was also so encouraging and the session was very eye opening and inspiring!
Its good to feel that however life changes for you there is always something positive to work towards, no matter how big or small.”  

Clare – TW

I had a consultation with Carol at a real crossroads in my life.  I was running my own small business but finding working from home very lonely.  When the possibility of a part-time job came up I was very unsure about applying as I thought that would mean abandoning the business I had spent a year building up from scratch and I also felt very guilty about giving up some of the time I would normally be spending with my two young children.  There were also some other aspects of my personal life I was feeling frustrated with and limited by.  I found the session with Carol really beneficial.  She helped me realise that I do have choices and that I am more capable of coping than I first thought.

I have now got the job I applied for which has given me the social contact which was previously lacking – and with a few minor adjustments I have continued to run my own business alongside.  Sometimes it is hard but I am coping well, my children are both enjoying the extra sessions at nursery and After-School Club and my confidence has really increased.  I am really grateful to Carol for helping me achieve this.”  

Sarah – Tonbridge

Some Testimonials from the Cork Workshop

“I really enjoyed the day and I now have a much greater understanding of the Angels.” – Yvonne – Cork

Super super day – lovely presentation, simple and clear – you did a super job. Lovely energy – I could see people’s faces becoming more relaxed as the day went on – many many thanks.” Sarah Murphy – Cork

Carol thanks a million for a great workshop today, I really enjoyed it – I came out of it feeling very refreshed; brilliant keep up the wonderful work bless you xx –  Fionnuala O’Leary – Cork

Just would like to say thank you so much for coming to do the Angel workshop here. It has been a wonderful experience, I’ve come away knowing more about Angels which was my intention – Catherine Crowley – Cork

I loved every minute of it and would recommend it to all xx – Ann, Cork Workshop Delegate

I enjoyed exploring who the Angels are, what they do, how to meditate and the Angel readings. I left feeling at peace and rejuvenated.  I would definitely recommend this workshop – Ger

My knowledge of the Angels has been magnified so much by your guidance. Thank you for coming to Cork – M. Sheehan


Testimonials from Workshop’s held in Tonbridge

I wanted to congratulate you on  a first class “Angel Workshop” the whole day was enlightening, informative and fun.  Thank you for being such an inspiration. Anonymous

I enjoyed exploring who the Angels are, what they do, how to meditate and the Angel readings – H. Townsend

I left feeling at peace and rejuvenated.  I would definitely recommend this workshop. – Sharon

A day of meditation and inspiration. I thoroughly enjoyed it and definietly recommend it to all who are open enough to be curious. An amazing and inspirational day – thank you so much – Jo Parker

What a wonderful day I had with Carol and our group at her Angel workshop. A truly amazing experience. The meditations were beautiful and moving….I left feeling so peaceful and refreshed. Thank you lovely Carol for being such an inspiration. Florence

An enjoyable and relaxing day learning about angels. Carol gently introduces the subject with joy and optimism. I’d recommend this workshop to everyone – Anonymous

Thank you Carol for a beautiful relaxed day. A really lovely experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. A really interesting introduction to the subject. – Melody, Interior Designer, Tonbridge

Testimonials from Scottish Workshop

Had an absolute fantastic day at Carol’s Angel Workshop. It really helped me learn about all the different Angels. I was very nervous about attending and meeting new people but was made to feel at ease as soon as I walked in the door. More workshops in Scotland please Carol. Thanks for helping me today – Katie

Before coming to the workshop I had had a few signs from the Angels. I was not sure if I believed but after the workshop I can now say “I do believe in Angels” – Tamara Davidson

I knew very little about Angels prior to the workshop and it was wonderful to focus on some certain Angels as well as how they work. It was a beautiful calm day. I felt rested afterwards and now have a wonderful faith to continue to build upon. Thank you Carol – Charlene Scott