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Welcome to ‘Connect To Your Angels’

Welcome to my website – I hope your find peace & comfort in it’s pages.

What are Angels?

Angels are celestial beings who can help us with every aspect of our lives if only we ask.  Each and every one of us has been given “free-will” and Angels will never intervene without permission.  When we allow Angels to guide and help us life can take on a new meaning and you can come to realise that you are never alone.

“It’s amazing what can happen, how life can be so grand. When you give up trying on your own, and let an Angel hold your hand.” Author Unknown

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope I will one day help you connect with your Angels.


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Weekly Angel Card

“Steady Progress”

“We acknowledge you for the progress you’ve made in remembering love in your daily activities. We can clearly see the contribution you’re making to the world through your thoughts, feelings and actions of love.”

This card was drawn as reassurance that you’re making steady progress. You sometimes harshly compare yourself to others and feel that you should be farther ahead on your path by now. Yet look how far you’ve come, how many lessons you’ve learned, and how many people you’ve helped! Focus on your progress, instead of expecting perfection from yourself. Each day, take at least one small step concerning a project that you’re passionate about.

Taken from Doreen Virtue’s Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle Card Deck for week commencing 15th January 2018.


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